OSC control over parameters in Armory? Feature Request?

Hello All!
I am wondering if anyone has found a way to integrate OSC input into Armory3d for real time interactions.

I did have a Blender 2.79 rig that I had a few params I could control via OSC in BGE, but the setup was waay too deep for me brainwise and I am not sure I could recreate it.

Ideally - simple nodes of the ilk “OSC_In” “OSC_Out” “OSC_Ping” etc etc would be AWESOME

My personal uses would be controlling several 0-1 parameters, booleans, and input into text objects.
Sources would be Ipad w Touch OSC / Lemur Or Max from a desktop.

Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions…

Hello All!
Bumping and evolving the question…

Since the previous post I have discovered a great OSC-in option for Blender 2.8

Midi, OSC and More (M.O.M.)
(u can find it here)

M.O.M. allows for realtime routes into just about any parameter for outboard Midi and OSC control of parameters in Blender, I love it in regular 2.8 - but I can’t get it to work in a Armory simulation.

Any chance of M.O.M. and Armory communication? (particularly in KROM or desktop browser)

thanks gang!