What is the Overflowerror: Float is too large for f format?

It is keeping the project from being played, and is placed at the bottom of a long list of line references from mainly “armpack.py” and “exporter.py” and a couple of other scripts…

When I press play it takes a long time (few minutes) while blender is freezing up and then I get this on the console and Blender comes alive again…

I would like to find this “Float” and put him on a diet :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw programming is really not my area, I do graphics and design :slight_smile:

To update a little, I have tried a new file to import an empty character without animation or any rigging/skinning, and that plays well!

Also with that there is no problem with automatic duplication of materials as mentioned in my second post. I ahve also checked off the “auto packing” in Blender but that makes no difference.

So the problem still persists when it comes to the animated character.

Hi @Xerilon,

Could you share the troubled blend file (or PM me if you prefer to keep it private)? Did not encounter this issue yet, maybe I can put a check there to prevent this from happening.

Due to failed build it is also causing the mess with material duplication/renaming, so we should be able to fix both issues at once.

Thanks a lot!