so, i been wondering: when can i use the smoke+fire particles in armory- one of my games has a fireplace in one of the scenes, and i personally hate the way unity and unreal fire looks.

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Apparently Lubos has begun work on particle systems for Armory though judging by the example file, saying they are “early in deveopment” is kind of an under-statement.

As for unity & unreals particles, they’re only as good as the artist/devs making them. That being said unreal has some of the most robust and fully featured particle system implementations (and are apparently going to be getting even better with Epic’s new Niagara particle system).

So, can lubos give me an estimation of when fire can be used? i don’t mean to rush you if you have bigger things in armory.

It’s slowly coming along and the upcoming build will spot more particle features. There is still a lot more to cover and not all features are implemented yet, got some solid progress on the foundations though. :hammer:

PS: If possible please post the particle system you would like to see work, preferably the absolutely simplest one for a start. :slight_smile:

I am particularly interested in the smoke and fire.

I am also interested in using hair particles for hair (duh) and trees in a forest.

I would like to have collision on particles, for ex. for sparks jumping of the ground

Definitely GPU particles would be super great, as would collisions!
What features are you planning to implement into the particle system @lubos?

Ah, just found this page GPU are already functioning (I guess how else could one spawn so many bunnies not to mention the title says “GPU” in it). Any thought to adding color ramps or graphs for use to drive changes over time (like size, rotation, color, etc)?

Yup, it’s rather limited for a start. No collision yet, but definitely on the list as it’s a crucial thing. And also created a new issue to improve color ramp support as soon as possible.

Right now the coolest thing on particles is that the Particle Info node already works to some degree. :slight_smile:


thing is, i was wondering if i could use hair particles- you know, like you use 'em in bge.

Particles is ready now for smoke , fire or water ?