Patreon is down. What's up with that?

All my pledges seem to have been refunded, and the Patreon page was removed. What’s happening?


It seems like it’s a mistake of some kind, and not a project shutdown at least. So that’s good news.

Edit2: You may now re-subscribe via Gumroad over here:


Wow , what’s going on ?
I hope Armory 3D is not let down, it is such a wonderfull 3D engine with Blender as editor. Perhaps it’s only a change of direction , but Armory 3D continue it’s development ?

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Same here… patreon refunded me.

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oops! Hope Viddyoze didnt steal Lubos from us :disappointed_relieved:… I’ve started to feel here like in small family… :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed that people and plans are ok. :confused:


Hoping that Armory3D and lubos are ok.

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About to enter college and get my life together. All I can do in these months is give money to the project and I suddenly got a TON of refunds showing up in my bank account. What is going on?


Jumping in here to find out what happened too. :confused:


Tweet from Lubos


Wow, I was really worried. Happy to see, that Lubos is not giving up.
However, it’s a pity, that this happened. Hopefully patreon can reset everything to how it was 2 days ago. Otherwise, It will take time to get all the backers on board again…

Well, at least it’s not Lubos quitting or some such. Had me worried there for a minute. The money can always be put back in its rightful place :slight_smile:

well, getting money back would be not that easy.

In many ways it depends. If this is a logistics screw up by Patreon, too bad, so sad, they eat the loss for their screw up. So long as Lubos regularly withdrew the money from his Patreon account, there isn’t a lot they can do. Unless something heavily fradulent and/or illegal happened it’s virtually impossible for Patreon to recoup the funds they paid out already.

Now almost certainly he just got screwed out of July’s earnings, but if it’s a clerical or system error, they should be able to reissue those funds back to him, restore his page, issue a gigantic apology and no harm no foul.

If that’s the case the big loser is ultimately Patreon as I’m almost positive they won’t be able to recharge all of the accounts they just refunded. If thats the case, Patreon may have just accidentally become by far and away the biggest Armory donator.

Of course, that all assumes this is all in error. Frankly I just can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be.

Did a bit of digging and it says straight out Patreon does not issue refunds, period. That’s their policy.

You can, as a creator, log in to your site and manually issue refunds so long as you have money in your account. So it’s possible it was either a screw up by Patreon or an account hack and Lubos didn’t withdraw funds, so the hacker issued everyone refunds then deleted the account.

I’m really hoping it was a Patreon screw up, that one is much easier to fix.

What I meant was that while not every subscriber will want to, I’m confident most of the community will have no problem donating the money they got in refunds right back when asked. Might take a while.

@lubos, If the patreon issue cannot be resolved quickly, I’m sure many people would be more than happy to donate via paypal or gumroad (I would). Keep up the good work!

Same here!! What’s going on?

After this, instead of continuing with Patreon, I’d suggest maybe talking to Ton over at the Blender Institute to see if they would be willing to handle the payment stuff from now on, since they already have the infrastructure in place for the Blender Cloud. He’d probably give a better deal than Patreon too :slight_smile:

Or maybe the Blender Market would do it.

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Thanks to all for the support. I guess now that Armory got free things were going too smooth heh. WIll post as soon as I know more and investigate the solution.

Armory is not being sold and will continue development as FOSS project. :slight_smile: Was just preparing a new update on what is coming next and first 0.5 builds for this week, hopefully it will not get delayed much…


This sucks! Hope you can sort it out quickly!

Can we support you on another platform? Gumroad or Blendermarket, BlenderCloud as MadMinstrel suggested? This kind of mistake is pretty serious on Patreon’s part.