pbr textures

Good morning, I have a question regarding the armory, I am currently doing a job, in which I am using pbr textures, the product I am making has three objects, which have their own pbr texture, when I want to preview, the screen appears completely white, why does that happen? Is armorpaint necessary for this type of work or not?

Not all shader nodes are supported. supported_nodes · armory3d/armory Wiki · GitHub You should check the console to see what the issue is.Using the Console and debugger in Armory 3D #armory3d - YouTube


You might also need to clear your cache: When to clean your projects in #armory3d #shorts #blender3d #gamedev #indiegamedev #haxe - YouTube

FYI, if you’re using Armory3D, that has nothing to do with ArmorPaint, but you can use either or both to your liking or preference. They are separate applications, although they are based on the same sources.

The reason I’m clarifying this is because ArmorPaint is not a game engine. Armory3D is. If you’d rather only preview your PBR textures/models, then ArmorPaint may be what you’re looking for after all. If you’re looking to view your PBR textures/models in an custom/interactive view, than Armory3D be what you’re looking for instead.

The choice is yours, and both are extremely powerful.