Percentage Closer Soft Shadows


I’m new to Armory and I think it’s fantastic! Great job guys!

I’m currently trying to find the “Percentage Closer Soft Shadows” setting. I can render soft shadows; but I can’t seem to be able to locate this setting in build 10. Was it perhaps removed?

Also, are there any examples that use soft shadows? I find it very tricky to get them right. I tend to get a lot of bands and noise.

Hello @lreyes013,

So happy you like it so far!

It’s indeed not very easy to find (preparing for UI overhaul soon). It has to be enabled in Properties - Camera - Armory Renderer Props - Soft Shadows.

Once that is enabled, increasing lamp size should produce softer shadows. It works just for spot lamps currently (plus maybe sun), point lamps are now using cubemaps to cast shadows in all directions and soft shadows are not yet in. As you say it’s quite tricky to get it right, going too big will produce noise… (and costs performance). Increasing bias can help, but it’s very annoying to tweak that. Will implement some other shadowing methods eventually, not based on shadowmaps. :slight_smile:

I added a minimal example to the repository:

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Thanks for the example! So, the “Percentage Closer Soft Shadows” is now no longer an option – then the manual probably needs updating since it’s still mentioned there.

Also, thanks for the explanation about the shadows. I just want to add that point lights do produce soft shadows as long as “Omnidirectional Shadows” is not checked – but it sometimes shows artifacts near the edges of the lightmap.

Keep up the great job!