Personal Website Made With Armory

Hello friends!
I’m making my personal web page entirely in 3D, using Armory:

◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◢◤◢◤◢◤

(seems to only work on Desktop so far, Firefox recommended)

I can only imagine that I’ll have more doubts than Superman on the cristal cave, therefore I’ll be charing here and documenting all my progress on this new quest! :slight_smile:

So far only basic movement with Keyboard (WASD) and mouse (click and old to the direction you want) are up. Eventually, this will feature full character motion, selectable characters, idle animations, and of course “Galery”, “Projects”, “Contact”, and “Clients” displaying on the cube’s locations.

Best regards


I never would have thought of using it this way!

I’m interested about the page transition method.

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Thanks, @WLv0!

I’ve actually done my first 3D web page in 2008, using Blender Game Engine (which couldn’t export for the web… at least not as easy as Armory HTML5) for my project “Orion Tear”. I later converted it to a presentation I gave in a Blender meeting.

“Page transition method”!? :thinking: I’m not sure if I understand… can you explain a bit more?
Like levels you mean?
Hello friends!
I’ve added:

  • Basic collisions;
  • A “fence” to restrict movement;
  • A test favicon that replaces the Armory default bird.
  • Visible statics to help reviewing performance.

With the dynamics came a few issues:

  • The camera is now parented to the cube that has the movement logic… this doesn’t make the cut because I would like the camera to be parented only to the Location and not the Rotations :thinking: It now tilts when the characters collide, I don’t fancy that … easy to do in Blender with a child constraint (for example)… but I’m clueless on how to do it in Armory.
  • The physics makes the character rotate when it collides… which is not terrible… may work as soon I can make the camera not follow the rotations.
  • If I force it the character tumbles to the ground… I don’t want that too… I need to remove rotations from the physics completely…
  • One more I’ve just found, If the camera crosses the “fence” it no longer allows to move by clicking… this because the clicking sensors get behind the “fence”.


Looks cool…

This is quite simple. Heres how:

  1. Unparent the camera for the character
  2. Add an Empty at the location of the camera and then make it a child to the player
  3. use this setup to copy location only

Set the “Angular Factor” of the player physics to 0

To fix this set the physics collision collection of the “Player Sensor Planes” to both 1 and 2. Like so

And in the logic node setup, use mask = 2:


Thank you so much @QuantumCoderQC
I’m now leaving home, but I’ll try all of these yet today and will report! :smiley:
Until soon!

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@QuantumCoderQC :smiley:
100% success implementing all your help! Real thanks!
List of modifications:

  • Added all the QuantumCoderQC above sugestions;
  • Changed the collision shape to “capsule” (as it seems to feel more natural).

It’s already updated:

It’s now looking stable enough for me to make and add the walking animation :slight_smile:
Will just make 4 actions, walk left, right, up, and down and will trigger them simultaneously with the movement. I’ll dedicate the next Saturday to that.

Until the next adventure!
Best regards


If I was misunderstand :pensive:
I was imagining the pages changing like a web site…
Don’t worry about it.

I’m looking forward to more.
Thank you!

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@WLv0 Yeah, it won’t work with page changing… it will work more like a normal game.
You go to a cube/hotspot (later to be replaced by something more pretty than a cube) and by clicking on it, or pressing space, it will open a new “page” but always in 3D space and in-game.