Physically Based Rendering(PBR) In Iron

Implemented PBR rendering in Iron from scratch.

Took me days to make it as there was no docs on using Iron standalone and had to self-learn it, but got to say, Iron is really awesome!, thanks @lubos for awesome thing like Iron, it is really cool!

Here is the video of PBR in Iron->

and here is the repo if anyone is interested in checking it out ->

(Note: The repo is some what messy and if i get some time, i will comment it so that everyone understand and the shader was done using tutorial and took some time to debug it so that it fit with iron).

If i get some time i will make some 3D written tuts for Iron.


Fixed PBR(didn’t worked properly before)

Texture based PBR:
(Albedo/Diffuse map, Normal map, Metalness map, Roughness map, AO map)

Material based PBR:
(Red color with 0.5 metalness and 0.5 as roughness)

(Step based lighting)


Ooh, I like the teapot. Nifty toon render. :slight_smile:


Has this been added to the main armory build. Meaning if we update the SDK will the changes you made show up?

Thanks for doing this!!!

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Actually, this is not in armory, rather written standalone rasterizer in pure iron :sweat_smile:, but since both armory and my standalone rasterizer is on top of iron, you can use above shader with armory too, if you try this armory_example with my shader then you will get result(maybe, i haven’t tried it yet), but… since lubos’s shaders(PBR shader in armory) are way better than mine, I couldn’t find the reason to do it, but you can still try to do it in armory, maybe i will try connecting it with armory today.
If i get Env map/IBL working in my standalone rasterizer than i will write some good’ol written tutorial on how to do in pure iron.
@zicklag Thanks! :smile:
Happy that people liked it :blush:

@Monte_Drebenstedt I added above Material PBR Shader in Armory(not embeded in armory rather as in-game custom shader)
(it is just material for now, no texture because it doesnt work at moment)
and you can find it Custom Shader For Armory.

will add more shaders
(Note: Those shader only support point lighting)


Red Color with 0.0 metallic, 0.0 roughness:

Red Color with 0.5 metallic, 0.5 roughness:

Red Color with 0.0 metallic, 1.0 roughness: