Physics Constraint Lag

I’m trying to use physics constraints that I have added using the Blender UI ( i.e. not Haxe ) but I’m having issues where the object that is constrained lags the object that it is constrained to when it is supposed to be fixed to the other object:

In the image, the capsule should be fixed to the moving Cube, but it lags behind a little bit. When the cube moves faster it gets more apparent.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

I remember a similar issue when I was playing with my scene and compiled it as Webgl (I think the issue was there with the for-Desktop compiled version as well). The other thing I experienced was when two objects collide, the physics would get crazy and totally unstable. Do you know if that is relevant to this issue? Do you if the collision issue is fixed?

Do you use Continuous Collision Detection ?
Do you have two physic objects parented, your physic setup could the issue.
(upload the project if you need help)

Now that I look closely it actually does the same thing in Blender, it is just less dramatic. When the cube moves quickly in Blender the capsule will actually lead the cube for some reason. When I play the game in Armory it looks even weirder:



Blend: constraints.blend (623.2 KB)

It’s very fast and smooth with B28, but physics looks different , the cylinder is dragged by the cube, not attached to the cube.

I think I might go with a different strategy for what I was trying to use this for anyway. I was testing how constraints might be able to move a player, but I think I will just go with setting the player velocity.

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In last B28 with Armory nighty build, Armory Render path has no properties , the render is all grey and lights does nothing. What can be the issue ?

Is there a packaged Armory nightly? Or do you use git to get the latest version? I can try the version from git.

I use
“User Preferences” / “Addons” / search “arm” / click on “update SDK”

That pull latest git version behind the hood.

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I might test it out sometime today.

lol this is turning into a chat. Use Armory Discord for that.

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