Physics Issue: Objects hovering above the floor

I have tried a couple different projects and looked in to several of the examples and for some reason I can’t seem to find my physics objects hover slightly above the floor. Is anyone else having this issue or conquered it in the past?


I resolved the issue by simply duplicating the object and making a smaller version of it scaled inside of itself which will be the real rigid body allowing its scale to be the factor of the distance between collision you need to compensate. Also helps to set the shape of the collision to “mesh”. Maybe allowing a negative collision margin would solve this issue in the future but my solution gives you precise control.

EDIT: Of course you must parent the two objects :slight_smile:


Thank you very much - I will try that out.

I’ve been experiencing this as well - thanks for work arounds, breebee.

Maybe it’s because of the “animated” checkbox in the physics settings.
Try to uncheck this one.