Physics question (resizing RigidBody)


Newbie question

  1. I have this problem with the physics engine (Bullet):
    Change the RigidBody for the cube, then everything will be fine, but if you change the RigidBody for the sphere (for example, change the scale along one axis), then it does not work, the sphere remains the same size. Here’s the result:

I have not configured something, so it should be or a bug?

  1. Tell me, is there a setting so that when you start the game, you can see the mesh of physical objects?

Dealt with the question:

  1. it is necessary to use a different form of the physical body for such objects (for example, capsule);
  2. Bullet and Omni physics engine have DrawDebug options, but they cannot be enabled in Armory.


Try to apply the scale of the scaled object.
You can do this by pressing:“CTRL+A” or (“CMD+A” on mac).


Thanks! I’ll try, but this is most likely specially made for the sphere, to optimize calculations. I didn’t take this into account and chose the wrong object.

They told me so in the discord chat

Spherical bound was meant to rotate, then it always will have perfect circular shape. Capsule looks like the most suitable for what you need, like Quados said.