Pick Object - Mouse Over ?( Logic Node )

Hi, I’m a beginner at Armory and I can’t interact with objects using the mouse. I have found tutorials, but apparently the nodes have changed.


Hi @Yohigo
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You may use the Pick Rigid Body node to select/pick Rigid Bodies in the scene.

How to:

  • To the object that you like to click/select, add a Rigid Body(Active).
  • In the node setup add a Pick Rigid Body node and pass in the mouse coordinates.
  • The output of the Pick Rigid Body node returns you the rigid body under the mouse.

Here is a quick reference to all available logic nodes

Hope this helps.

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Also there is an example of how to use Pick RB in practice: Lets create more files for tests and examples?

You can download the drag and drop examples at the end of the topic. It is pretty different from BGE, but you have much more control over it :slight_smile:

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Those examples have been very helpful to me. Thanks so much!

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Hi… What version of Blender/Armory are you using? When I search for nodes and type “pick”… the list shows me only “Pick Object” and “Pick Location”.

Thanks in advance.

I use the latest git version of Armory. You can update yours to the latest version in Blender > Edit > Preferences > Addons > Render: Armory3D > Update SDK.

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Ohh… I Just checked the download page and realized there is a new SDK10. And that was it.
I also hadn’t seen that Update tool.