Pixel Bleed - Fix Needed

Have a make or break issue that I believe could be fixed/lessened with a pixel bleed option.

Basically, there are unsightly gaps between seams when painting new layers or using fill with contrasting colors.

To replicate the issue (first make sure that your base color/layer starts out dark/black):

Use fill to fill the object with a bright color.
Use fill to fill the object with dark color.

You can see that the fill has not quite filled in the whole area. The same issue can occur when texture painting in Blender, but simply adding a few pixels of bleed fixes it no problem.

Any chance this option can be added to ArmorPaint?

Texture example provided to highlight the color issue. I filled with a light color then a black.

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I have the same issue, it’s been around in some form or another for a while, since way back https://github.com/armory3d/armorpaint/issues/6 Also, I noticed if we use the paint bucket multiple times in a row it seems to help get to gradually rid most of these, what is up with that?