Pixel Perfect camera?

I want to start a project using Armory and I want to use Blender LowPoly 3D models to look like 2D and Pixelart. One feature that will help to achieve the look I need is to have a “Pixel Perfect” camera in Armory. Some examples of what I want to achieve:

A Pixel Perfect Camera in Unity

Achieve Crisp Pixel Art with Unity 2018.2! - Pixel Perfect

Unity 3D - Achieving Pixel Perfection / Virtual Resolution for 2D Pixel Art Games

GameMaker Studio 2: Pixel Perfect Camera

Know somebody how to make the setup for the camera in Armory to achieve this effect?

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There isn’t feature like that currently, but would be cool to see it.
This would not help much but you could try turning off AA.
Otherwise you could write your own compositing.

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How I can write new compositing?

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by writing your own glsl shader.
create your own glsl function in this file -> https://github.com/armory3d/armory/blob/master/Shaders/compositor_pass/compositor_pass.frag.glsl.
and edit .json file to include previously created glsl func. -> https://github.com/armory3d/armory/blob/master/Shaders/compositor_pass/compositor_pass.json.

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