Play action enemy condition

Well, continuing my enemy behavior tests, I had a hard time playing the animations, trying to use the same distance conditions as the gate that activates the NavAgent, activate the animation was selected but did not run, the animation was stopped in the first frame, improvised solutions for this was to use the same mechanics was i use for damage (that is to use the volume node, in my case the nodes were used “on volume trigger”) not is the perfect solution but for now it works, besides I had problem with node “remove object”, I thought they would be with objects with navagent employed, but after testing realizes that was not so. Problems also occurred every time I used the node “remove collection”, to work had to associate in the output of node of death animation one to one remove object for each object that corresponded to the enemy, this way everything went well, the conclusion I came from that is, if you remove an object that is being used in a node tree of a object that was not removed the game hangs. Too early to confirm that this will always be so, because sometimes it took a few seconds for the game to crash (but I think the delay was due to the request on a node tree that used one of these objects that was only made a while after they were deleted, and when it was done, not finding that object, the game crashed).
I leave you with the last test of a not finished game from a GameJam (but I’ll keep working on the game until it’s over).

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