Player falls off trough rigid body mesh

Phisycs_test…blend (2.2 MB)
Hello, I’m discovering Armory. I think it’s great for may hobby project. But I’m having troubles with rigid bodies.

I put a mesh as groung, but somewhere my playwer falls off.

How can I avoid this ?

And use capsule as players body

Thanks for your fast answer. The problem doesn’t totally desappear,
but it gets minimized !! (I only found it on a face.)

I´ll try to understand what is the angular factor and the different shapes.

Set the angular factor to zero so you player couldn’t rotate, it will stop him from falling on the ground.
end change the shape of your character’s body

make sure that the origin of the capsule is set to center of geometry
and change the physics to capsule too
Don’t push your character on too steep slopes, it can cause the falling through the landscape