Playground Tutorial, F freezes game, no error

I’m following the playground tutorial, I made the node trait, then added empty with the code trait. Pressing F makes whole game freeze, no errors show up in the console.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

There actually is an error message, however when running the game in the browser you don’t see the error messages in the Blender console but in the browser’s developer console instead. The problem is that the scene doesn’t have an object called Box, so either rename an object in the scene or change the name in your Haxe code.

If you rename Box to Cube (or vice versa) you will notice that the newly spawned object flickers for a short time before it seems to disappear. This is because the cube has the NodeTree trait applied to it which will set its location each frame, so all spawned cubes will then be at the exact same location.

I hope that helps :+1:

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Thank you, that was really helpful.
I totally omitted that part about creating Cube named Box and assumed that “Box” was a type of primitive… Clearly not my best day.