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can someone pleas tell me how to make a game im kind of annoyed I downloaded this for nothing please tell me

It’s quite easy:

  • First you 3D model, texture, shade, rig, skin and animate (idle, walk, run, jump, attack and die actions are the minimum) a character to control;
  • Second you create a base scenery for it to walk around, light it considering the right mood you desire; make sure you keep the polygon count low for those 60FPS gold target;
  • Third you create the logic for the character, by the use of programming or visual nodes you need to establish what the character does when you press buttons;
  • You now spread a few coins or items to collect all around the terrain and define how those items react to the character and make sure to add a counter for each time the item disappears, a common thing is gain a life after 100;
  • Make sure to add some enemies and traps to make the game interesting;
  • Create sound effects and a soundtrack to make the journey more enjoyable;
  • Now that you have the system working you can consider write a story and start it all over. This time ensure you have targets and levels so that the game feels compelling to reach it end.

It’s pretty much it, hope it helps!

Additional notes:

  • The entire process usually takes around 10 years for a sole developer.
    If you want to make a commercial game is recommended you establish first a legal company and hire at least 20 team members, experts in the several areas and fields of expertise required.
  • You need to secure a publisher earlier, there’s no use on a game that can’t be sold trough the planet once is done (local markets are proven to be insufficient to recover the investment).
  • It can be done, just keep it going, never give up!

I was actully wondering like how do I get on to a game creator

Pretty much as on everything… there was a time one didn’t know how to walk, we then start trying to do it and after a few years one master it to the point is natural.

One needs to start trying and persist on that path for a few years. Older people have families, debts, life events, which makes harder to find time, but youngsters normally can allocate more time to it and thus learn faster.