Please, update tutorials on the news page

Hello.I have the Armory’s news page on my favourites, and I check it regulary.
I don’t want to sound idiotic, but today I have discovered there’s a new interesting scene tutorial or scene example in the manual (scene 4), and I have discovered it by chance. There is no new about this in the news page.
I think this should be updated in the news page. I plan to make a videotutorial of every feature like this, to get people learning the engine quickly, but I need to know when more examples appear.(or I will have to check several pages per day)

PD: I am really really lazy to join a newsletter.

Great, do you know how to do volumetric lighting, like the exemple image on the website ?

I’m not a programmer, just an artist. I don’t know much more appart from what I can learn from the examples. If is it in the example, I will cover it in tutorials sooner or later.

Select the Camera -> Properties -> Object Data -> Volumetric Light

Hello Jose,

I reworked news page a bit based on your input. Disregarding that it’s Twitter under the hood, it should serve as a more reliable stream of quick news now. Bigger news are posted (and will be linked from news) on forums anyway, so there is a place for discussion.

Hope it will do the trick for the time being!

I see it.
Now is cool. :grinning: