Post Processing Module Mystery

Has anyone gotten this to work?

Post Processing Module
The person who made this mentioned to me that it’s all ready built into Armory3D, but I can’t find it.
I tried installing the Armory SDK into Blender 2.82, and I don’t see it.
I tried downloading the Armory with Blender packaged together and I don’t see it.
What am I missing?
In my brief chat with him he said this:
" it’s not very noticeable either - it’s currently located under the ‘Armory Render Path’ panel and at the bottom of the subpanel ‘Renderer’ right under HDR, VR, Culling etc. - hope it helps! - Using Blender as addon should be fine as long as it’s a recent version"
When I look where he says, all I see is
Nothing else!
If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.


I replied to you on Youtube, but to elaborate a bit (since I can’t post pictures or links on Youtube) - It’s supposed to be found here:

As the feature isn’t yet in the march sdk on Itch, you can either clone (If you know how to use git) the latest sdk from here:

Or you can update your sdk from within Armory, under the preferences menu here:

Hope it helps!

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Thank you so much, and thank you for your patience.
I tried Updating SDK and got a failed to update error. When I checked the system console window in Blender It says this:
Make sure git is installed:
I’ve never used this software, and I’m afraid I’m getting a little over my head with git. I think I might just wait for the next Armory3D SDK to come out.
Looking forward to using these post effects. They look terrific.

I’ve never used this software, and I’m afraid I’m getting a little over my head with git

Don’t worry about git, you have to just download and install it (next -> next -> next -> install) so that the Update SDK button works, but really it’s not necessary to put much thought into it, it should work just like that without you having to manually crank anything. See

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Awesome! That totally worked.
Can’t wait to muck around with these.

how are you preventing the glowing objects from receiving shadows

Hi Naxela,
I can imagine you are a busy person with other responsibilities, but it would be fantastic to get some documentation, or even better… some videos demonstrating usage of your post processing tool-set.

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It’s something that I’ve been asked few times, and I have actually been wanting to start doing video documentation for a while for Armory3D in general, just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it or found the time for it, although maybe I’ll start doing it around easter when I’ll have a bit more time on my hands


I’ll send good vibes your way… hope it happens.
All the best!

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