PrintNode not working for me. How do i debug as a beginner in Armory3d/Haxe?

Can somebody please enlighten me how this PrintNode is supposed to work? I don´ t get it. I tried everything i could imagine, but i can´ t get it to print the VALUE i am after. See screenshot for example RayCast. Tried on Blender 2.83 with SDK 2105 and Blender 2.93 with latest SDK. Same result: Nada!

I need it in order to be able to analyze the Armory examples.


The print node works fine for me. I just checked. Also, if you notice the debug console, you do see the prints from the Node tree, just that they are empty. I think the issue here is not the print node, but somehow the ray cast is returning a null object.

A few things to consider:

  1. Does the object you are trying to detect have physics applied to it?
  2. Does the ray actually hit the rigid body at all?
  3. What is the collision filter mask of the rigid bodies set at?

This is the Armory Raycast example. It is set to Rigid body out-of-the-box. I thought as a demo it is properly preset. What do i have to change to make it work?

I see,

The example works fine for me. I had to replace 2 rotation nodes though:

Please check if this example works for you:
physics_raycast.blend (125.7 KB)


Yes, unlike the file from the Github examples that one works like a charm. Thanks a lot! May i suggest to replace the other, somewhat untidy specimen, with an example like yours? Or maybe even better, with an example sporting a few more collision AND non-colliding bodies, in order to hint important setup points. With just one body i find it less clear and a bit too simple.physics_raycast_with Suzies.blend (182.9 KB)



It was the same example from GitHub. I just downloaded a fresh copy of the examples form GitHub and just replaced the rotation nodes. Then it all worked as expected. I have already submitted a pull request to update this:

Yes, That would be a good change too. Please open a pull request for this. Contributions are always welcome!

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