Problem with First person and third person templates

  1. In First person template, If you tap space rapidly it will make your character fly.
  2. In Third person templates, If you press w, a/d and shift (move left/right) it speed is faster than w and shift(normal run).
  3. Both, If you increase your speed, you can literally phase throught object/ground.

Nothing new, this is Physic issues.
Perhaps make a Github report.

  1. and 2. isn’t issue with physics but with script itself. I can do first myself but 2 can be hard because script isnt clear and need to be rewritten.
  2. It is issue now.(It would literally be unplayable if you are making like speedrunner(Roblox) or games with Airplane).

Perhaps this bug is related ?

I don’t know, i dont think so, I fixed the First person template by adding timer to every jump, and it fixed it.
Third person template, issue is because how it is coded.
Phasing through object, can be solved by Continuous Collosion Detection(CCD), though i dont think HaxeBullet have CCD, I checked the documentation but could not find it.