Problem with holes cut in slanted roofs

I am working on an arch viz project, and when I cut a hole in the roof of the structure, it does not show in the armory player. The hole was cut with a boolean — the cutter is hovering above the model in the .blend file
Roof After

This is the workspace view

This is a quick EEVEE render of it

Finally is a screenshot of the Armory Player

The exact same thing happens when the hole is cut with a set of loops.

I’d be glad to submit anything else that is needed as well – please let me know


Your mesh is using ngons. Armory can only use triangles to the best of my memory. I applied a triangulate modifier and applied it, and it works fine. Screenshot from armory player:


Cool – thank you – and I found where the N-gons are, so I now know how to repair them – at the peak of the roof, in the production project, i carefully shaped the edges so they met perfectly, forming N gons, in the demo project I didnt take the time just overlapped the rectangular cubes to form a quick peak, I’ll go back and do the same on the production model