Problem with node search in other editors when using Armory3D Blender 3.5.1_LTS

The Geometry Nodes editor is cool, but not to the extent that:

(Screenshot description: When using Armory3D with Blender v.3.5.1, an issue was found with searching for geometric nodes in the Geometry Nodes editor. The search results are mixed with logical nodes from Armory3D, creating difficulties when working with it.)

upd: Clarification: There is no such issue in Blender v.3.6.0_beta.

Hi. Could you check on whether this is still an issue in the latest Blender LTS 3.x version?

So, everything again: Blender v.3.5.1_LTS was reset to factory settings, the configuration folder was deleted (“AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.5\config”), and Armory3D (ArmorySDK2306) was reinstalled. This time, the “Update SDK” button was pressed in the settings.

In other versions, Logic Nodes are not mixed into other editors.:

  • Blender v.3.3.7_LTS → OK (like a dream);
    Blender v.3.6_Beta → OK;
    Blender v4.0.0_Alpha → :face_with_peeking_eye:OK.

Could you clarify which of these things seemed to cause the issue? The config folder or the the update sdk button?

None of this helps, it’s all just standard measures in the hope that the bug will go away on its own. In an older version of ArmorySDK-2023-4, Logic Nodes are also mixed into other node editors.