Problems with audio

Hello everyone

I’m having a problem with the audio in the armory, I can’t seem to get audio in an internet browser.
My audio works normally when I start krom, but if I run it through a web browser, I run out of audio.

I can also only play an audio file if it is in .wav format, although it is stated in the armory manual that armory has support for wav and flac, I cannot play an audio file in flac format without receiving an error message. .

Is anyone else going through this?



can you please share the error message that you get? This would help a lot to locate what went wrong. Also, which Armory SDK and which browser do you use? Maybe you have to allow the Armory tab to play audio first (some browsers have permissions for that).

False alarm

the audio is working in the internet browser, but in my nootebook only in linux, in win it is not working for some unknown reason.

On my desktop this is working on win and linux.

But in none of them did I manage to play .flac files
Play .wav only

Thanks for your reply


I think that .flac files might not be supported at all and the wiki is outdated (maybe there was flac support a few years ago, I don’t know). The Kha wiki states that sounds should be saved as .wav with a 44100 kHz sample rate and a bit depth of 16. The reason for this is that Khamake will convert the sounds to a format that works well with the target platform.

With windows you mean the Windows Krom or the Windows C target? Or in the browser on Windows?