Procedural Generation

I’m getting ready to start work on a game that would make heavy use of procedural generation. EG: procedurally-generated worlds, dungeons, and some game assets such as weapons, monsters, etc.

I would need the capabilities listed below. How much of this does Armory support, and how well?

  • Ability to generate geometry purely from code
  • Procedural Textures, along with runtime baking
  • Ability to generate materials at runtime, or alternatively have support for something like the Material Parameters in Unreal Engine 4.
  • Ability to merge two or more meshes into a single mesh.

And while I’m at it, does Armory have the ability to load external mesh assets? Or other external assets such as sounds and textures?

I can answer partially at least…

Ability to generate geometry purely from code: here is an example showing how to generate meshes through script.

Procedual Textures: I know @lubos has done some work on this, you can for example bake cycles materials to textures etc, but don’t know the plans/status of runtime baking.

Ability to generate materials on the fly: you can write custom shaders, see example here.

Ability to merge two or more meshes into a single mesh: since it’s possible to generate meshes, you could take the vertices of multiple meshes and generate a new mesh from them.

Loading external assets: since Armory is built on top of Kha it can use all the Kha functions as well, so loading files from disk is possible. Here is an example loading sounds from disk.

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Thanks for the reply.

That method of dynamic material creation wasn’t quite what I was asking, so I’ll clarify my original post.

EDIT: I think I’ll also put in some feature requests on github.