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I have just started using Armory and so far I like the integration into Blender.

One thing I have struggled to locate in Blender was the option to change the project window title. I booted up Kode and located the Main.hx file which looked to be where the projectName is set. After changing this and rebuilding it appears this gets regenerated and goes back to what it was set to.

I had to dig deep into the krom.js file to locate a instance of kha_SystemOptions and pass in the title name myself. Surely there is a better way?

Also while I have started this post, I thought I would ask as I don’t know much about Haxe but is this just compiled to JS and uses ElectronJS for Windows apps? Also how is it rendering, is it a WebGL library?


Hey @Kirkkaf,

Thankfully, there is another way to set the title. :slight_smile: You can configure the app title from the Armory Exporter panel in the Render tab:

About the Haxe compilation, yes it is compiled to JS, but no it is not using Electron and no it is not using WebGL. There is an outline of Armory3D’s architecture in the docs, but here is a short version:

Armory is built on Kha, an extremely cross platform graphics and platform abstraction layer for Haxe. One of the platforms developed with Kha is Krom, a JavaScript environment with bindings to the native graphics APIs such as OpenGL, DirectX, Vulcan, or Metal, which achieves better performance than WebGL. It is much more minimal than Electron with an 11 megabyte binary and it is designed specifically to run Kha games and applications. When running Armory from Blender, Armory is running a Krom deployment of your game.

From the Armory Exporter you can also choose to export your game to a C project that can be built using native tools like VisualStudio or Unix Make to produce a native binary that can be more efficient than Krom, but Krom is still very fast and has in some cases outperformed the C builds.


Hey @zicklag,

Great, I knew there must have been a better way! Maybe I should have continued through the tutorial as I saw a exporting section rather than getting ahead of myself!

Excellent explaination, I have never used Haxe and therefore never heard of Kha or Krom but this is interesting stuff so I shall read up on this further.

My initial thoughts on Haxe was it looks very Java like. Are there any must have books for Haxe or is the officals docs the best place to go?

Thanks again.

Here is Haxe’s

I don’t think there is any Haxe’s book

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