Publish failes for Windows (C), Console Error Message C3867 and C2296

everytime I try to publish my game. Or let´s better say any .blend file.

I receive this error message. Cannot make much out of it.
A .sln file get´s created but it doesn´t work in VS. I published my game ones already for testing and back then it worked perfectly.

The Target is Windows © and I tried all Graphic API´s.

I´ve already tried the default Blender file and just build and published this, always with the same error message.

Playing in Krom works.

Can anybody give me some advise what causes this?


I am using WIN10 and ArmorySDK2021-3

I would suggest to compile a default scene but seems you already had done this. If you could copy and paste all the warnings in a txt file and open an issue here with detailed information in english it would be great

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Okay, thanks, I will do.

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