Publish for Windows?

Can somebody tell me the difference between Windows(C++) and Windows(Krom)? Which is better for making a standalone game? I know the Windows(Krom) option is fairly new. What exactly is the Icon(PNG) for publishing do? I can’t tell that it doesn’t anything. I tried publishing as Windows(Krom) and figured it would replace the “K” icon ,but it doesn’t.

C++ should be faster.
While you should not see a big difference as Krom seems to be fast enough.
To make a standalone, the result will be the same, i don’t think there is some advantage using one or another.

About icon you must replace it manually.
I don’t think it’s a big issue until you complete a game ready to publish.

Windows(C++) cross-compiles your code to C++, then compiles that to a binary. Windows(Krom) cross-compiles your code to JavaScript, then runs it in the Krom runtime which is basically Chakra. Krom is usually faster - this is typical for Haxe because the optimizations done by a JavaScript engine apply nicely to Haxe code and it’s true for Armory according to the numbers I’ve seen.

What do you mean manually? LOL

This is what I’m trying to figure out.