Publish html5

am trying to publish a HTML5 game on but the game is not running after i upload it

When you try to run the game - can you take a look at the developer console to check for any errors? Is the export done using armory exporter - html5 - publish?


The game is a sample scene whit a cube no errors at the console this is armory0.3 the am publishin it using the documentation and the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer NO module name like that am using windos 10, ask me for aditional game files is it supos to be my full build folder or just the html5 thanx lubosssss

hey LUBOS i fixed it thanks for the help

Great! What was the issue? I can add that to the manual if it’s something related to armory.

When uploading the i took out the index.html frome the zip file and upload and worked, i will be uploading games to kongregate build in armory it will be awsome if we could have some community sit or social media page to share our armory GAMES :slight_smile:

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