Puzzle example with logic nodes - Ideas for improvement?

Hi, here is an example of a puzzle for pictures created with logic nodes. What do you think? Any tipps on how to improve the node setup or other improvements?

puzzle_example.blend (2.9 MB)


Love it. Thanks for sharing. Seems like i can exchange only adjacent pieces. Why is that?

Thanks. One explanation for to limit the possibiliy to exchange the pieces to neighboring fields is to have the player engage more in finding the solution, thus he will need more turns and will need to move pieces that maybe have been in the right spot before.
The second explanation is that originally I thought to implement an “empty spot” which would serve as the only field the player can exchange the pieces with. In this way the player would need to think even more and spent more time with the picture/puzzle.

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Hi, Just checked it out. It looks awesome!

I really liked how clean and readable the nodes are. I also liked that the puzzle pieces can rotate, adds an extra dimension to the problem.

It seems to be scalable too, since you use collections. :grinning: