Question about set location and set rotation nodes

Did a on mouse down for the right click so the camera would place and rotate to a specific point in the scene.

Running into two things.

On the set location it is rounding up to the third decimal, is there a way to avoid this ? It is going to -1.240 and that makes up for an odd framing.

On the set rotation, I see no degree Euler values, so I searched for a float that came close. Is there a better way to rotate to exact degree values ?

Am I doing it all wrong ? :smiley:

Only the displayed value is being rounded up, exported value should not be rounded. You can make sure by building the project and then peeking at the blend_root/Sources/arm/node/YourNodeTreeName.hx - generated source of the logic node tree.

For rotation, it takes values in radians. Will add some built-in converter node to also handle degrees! :slight_smile:

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