Question about the Logical Blocks!

I was really interested in Armory, it looks so much better than the UPBGE!
I want to buy it and help it in patreon, but I have a question, I am a game developer and I have a very large project, it still does not have a name and goes to the steam, so I am now interested in the arsenal and I want to incorporate it into my project.
Also, the problem is that I do not know how logic blocks will still work because my game has 60% logic blocks and 40% Python!

If I embed the arsenal, do I have to redo the logic blocks in the logical node?

Or will the logic blocks still work?

BGEs logic bricks do not work in Armory, yes you will have to redo it in Logic Nodes or Haxe. You can do a lot in Logic Nodes, but some little but important things to which you have to find a way around might still happen. Here is a little tutorial for them, but they are pretty self-explanatory imo.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: