Questions about Armory on macOS

I have been looking to buy Armory, but before I do I would like to have some things clarified. I apologize if these questions have been answered before.
1: Can Armory use the metal API on macOS?
2: Is their any graphics effects or features that don’t work on the Mac?
3: Are their any outstanding bugs or issues that I should know about?

  1. Armory is build on-top of Kha so it’s possible to support all the graphical API:s which are supported by Kha. From what I can see on the Kha github page Metal support is there for iOS at least, but I would expect it to work on macOS too… @lubos?
  2. @lubos?
  3. For sure, Armory is at version 0.1 currently, so there are many things to be added, and bugs to be fixed.

I’d like to share how I see it…

I don’t make money by developing games but I’m kind of a professional game development software evaluator :slight_smile: I tried to use every game development software possible to the most obscure ones and I mean it :slight_smile: Eventually I’ve found Haxe though I’m not using it for game development, I love it nevertheless! I’m using it for web development and personal projects on my Mac… mostly command-line programs to make my life easier. I don’t know if you know what Haxe is but I’m going to say it anyway. It may help somebody because it’s not obvious what Haxe is and how is it useful:

Haxe is a mature programming language and a very nice toolkit. You write your ideas in Haxe language and then using the Haxe compiler, translate the code to other languages. The compiler has an API so you can do many interesting things by writing macros. It offers a foundation to develop beautiful things like Kha and Armory.

Kha is a low level software development kit for building games and media applications in a portable way.

Armory rises up on top of Kha and @Lubos’ great ideas and hard work.

So this is one side, If you like Haxe and especially, already using it; Armory is very valuable because you can integrate your working knowledge, codebase and Haxe toolkit all along with it.

The other side is Blender… and Armory is the bridge. It is very usable but not complete.

I feel that future of Armory is bright and I believe it’s more like supporting an open source dream already realized up to a point to develop and publish small to medium sized games. So don’t buy it, just go and support it if you can. It feels like fertilizing and watering the plant that will bloom many flowers for everyone, in the future.

The best thing about Armory from a new user perspective is its ever growing examples library imho… It’s very easy to see what’s possible or not and how to do it and main developer @Lubos is very responsive. Oh and the community is great.

Phew! Writing this took much more time than I expected but everything happens to be that way. :slight_smile:

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