Questions about baking in Armory Paint

Hello everyone! I’m a game artist using Blender and I’m new around here, but I’m trying out ArmorPaint as I’m trying to set up a full opensource pipeline for production, and so far I’m deeply in love with this software. Although I’m a bit disturbed by how the baking is working on the software.

How is it working exactly? From what I understood, you have to have the same UVs on the highpoly and the lowpoly? When you sculpt the model, it’s a bit difficult to achieve that cleanly. I’m then using a super subdivided copy of the lowpoly and shrinkwrapping it on the highpoly but I loose resolution and it’s not the best. Or am I missing something, maybe?

So far, I’m baking the maps on xNormals or Blender and import the textures directly in my shaders, because I haven’t found how to do it properly on ArmorPaint yet. Is there any documentation or tutorial around?

Big thanks to everyone, I’m excited to try out and use this software more!

Hello, @3P0D !

There is not too much ArmorPaint users active in this forum as i see, but i will try to help you. Did you already searched for it in the docs? Just search for “bak” and you will see related stuff. Good luck and have fun!