Questions about the physics in Armory


I’m wanting to use Blender for my amazing artificial intelligence baby simulation. But I’m currently concerned if Bullet Physics is good enough. If I’m correct, Armory might be more geared to the render side of video games, and may not be trying to tackle improving physics. And so that’s my question - does Armory intend to improve/has improved the Bullet Physics Engine’s physics OR give us an option to use say PhysX (one of the best Physics Engines) or even add a Unity Game Engine plugin? I’d seriously pay you like, 700USD to implement any of these. I’m really itching to somehow get better physics in Blender.

People say Blender can’t make amazing games unless simple games with its current physics (Bullet Physics), and I think this holds hard ground after watching videos plus me testing it a tad. I may have not set it up right, but I think the following is what they’re talking about. There is “bugs” ex. my rectangle flipped around after hitting something, and then there is “inaccuracies” ex. my high poly baby goes through floor a bit and keeps bizzarly bouncing yet bouncing is turned off.

I’d go with other Game Engines (not in Blender but rather separate programs standalone) but the UE4 freelancers want big money, have less features like editing model, can’t use their UI, etc. Plus Blender gave me almost a free advanced face rig which can’t import into other Game Engines.


You are correct that Armory is not geared towards physics development itself - right now it defaults to standard Bullet physics. That said, physics module is isolated and I plan to eventually add PhysX support. There is still tons of work to do on core things, but it should pop up in the Physics Library selection in ‘the future’.

Can you give an estimate of how many months until PhysX support?

Predictions always go wrong but I think 2-3 months could be reasonable to get things rolling. Opened a new issue dedicated to this: