Ragdoll death

I’m trying to transition an animated character to a ragdoll in Armory 3D, without success. The ragdoll works perfectly in Blender. When I launch Armory 3D, the “child of” bone constraints don’t work, so the rigid bodies move, but the armature (with character) doesn’t. Also, when I either try to activate the rigid bodies or spawn them, the “rigid bodies constraints” don’t work at all, so the ragdoll just falls to pieces. Is there something I’m missing?

I have an example file of spawning ragdolls when pressing space. This should help you I think.
main.blend (119.6 KB)

Thank you very much for the quick response and the example file. If I try to add a character model and an armature, then I add bone constraints (child of) for each bone to the corresponding rigid body, the character model doesn’t move with the ragdoll (bone parents were removed and clear inverse + set inverse were clicked for each bone). The character model is properly parented, with weights, to the armature. I tried to share my file, but it said I couldn’t because I’m a new user.

Do “child of” bone constraints work in Armory 3D?

Hi, can you upload your file to google drive and share the link.

Here’s the link to the ragdoll example in which I tried connecting a character:

That link requires access, to get one without restrictions you must check the “anyone with the link” option in general access after entering the share menu, after that click on get link and share it


Sorry about that. I haven’t used Google Drive in a while.