Ragdoll problem

Hello, ragdoll example not working for me. Blender 2.82a, updated Armory3d SDK. The console does not report any problem. Physics box ragdoll works, but Bone Constraints “Child of” nothing do.

Not exactly an expert at the engine, but just want to mention that I am on 2.82a as well with the latest Armory SDK 2003. My current game does not run. The console doesn’t show any errors, and would crash out. I tested the same sdk in the previous blender build as well. Same thing. I suspect it’s the SDK 2003. A lot of the console messages are suppressed in this version. I couldn’t tell what’s causing my crash. I rolled the SDK back to 2002, with Blender 2.82a and things works. You might want to consider rolling back a version on the game engine for now, unless you need certain bug fixes and features in the latest engine version.

@XombieXlaya to see the full console output, go to Render Properties > Armory Project and enable Verbose Output. Since SDK 2003, only errors, warnings and basic information is displayed to the console by default to declutter the console (so if there are errors in your project they should still get displayed).

Could you try it again with Verbose Output enabled and see if there are any other errors? If that is the case, the verbose output option is buggy and I will try to find a fix for it, but as I said this should not be the case, you should see all error messages independently of that option.

Hello there. It’s not a bug, so nothing will appear in the console.
It’s because you have “Auto Bake” activated. Just uncheck it in the Armature "Object Data Properties -> Armory Props " and the Ragdoll will work.
There was a line added in the “exporter.py” of the SDK 20.03 that disable bones contraints if the “Auto Bake” is checked.

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I had to modify the other example files, so we did a PR to fix the rigdoll example as well. Great pointed out!