[Release Notes] - 2022.07

2022.07 - July Release

July is here 4 new pull requests from the great contributors - Great work!

New builds are out and can be downloaded on Itch

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Please note that for this release it is required to re-download the full SDK rather than using the “Update SDK” option, in order to the the correctly updated SDK version.

Also worth nothing in this months release is that the bug (#1772) limiting point lights on DirectX have been resolved:


  • #2503 - MoritzBrueckner added object Info node: make “random” output random per GPU instance


  • #2502 - MoritzBrueckner added fix color ramp node for factors left of the left-most stop
  • #2501 - MoritzBrueckner added align RGB to grayscale luminance with Blender
  • #2500 - MoritzBrueckner added fix node tree caching

Other changes

  • ArmSDK: #46 - MoritzBrueckner fixed SDK updater: also update armory.py
  • Iron: #165 - Lampysprites added Initialize scene’s object properties

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