[Release Notes] - 2022.09

2022.09 - September Release

September is here with 19 new pull requests from some very awesome contributors – great work!

On top of that, the long awaited release that provides compatibility with Blender 3.x is finally here!

New builds are out and can be downloaded on Itch

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Armory is now compatible with Blender 3.x!

Onek8 added created node for setting canvas input text.


e2002e added support for screen-space reflections when using water.


#2565 - Tong/MoritzBrueckner added Support for Blender 3.3 LTS.
#2564 - Onek8 added created node for setting canvas input text.
#2560 - MoritzBrueckner added remove no longer supported proxy system and add support for library overrides.
#2544 - e2002e added SSR support for water.


#2574 - MoritzBrueckner added Fix int overflow in Nishita LUT calculations [HL].
#2573 - QuantumCoderQC added fix rigid body angular/ rolling friction.
#2561 - MoritzBrueckner added fix export of particle objects outside of the current scene and other collections.
#2559 - QuantumCoderQC added fix image texture parameters.
#2557 - QuantumCoderQC added fix shape key export in optimized mesh export.
#2553 - MoritzBrueckner added fix depth buffer access in SSS pass & fix numerical robustness of packFloatInt16().
#2552 - MoritzBrueckner added fix compilation error in Draw String node when Zui is disabled.
#2548 - QuantumCoderQC added fix sleep node.
#2546 - MoritzBrueckner added fix “Set Scene Active” node when using asset compression.
#2540 - MoritzBrueckner added fix initialization of tween and group nodes and ensure correct file version numbers.
#2538 - MoritzBrueckner added tree variables: fix missing synchronization when adding getters/setters.

Other changes

ArmSDK: #49 - MoritzBrueckner added Update Submodules option.
Iron: #170 - QuantumCoderQC added Parse typedef or anonymous struct.
Iron: #169 - QuantumCoderQC added Fix shape keys in HL targets.
Iron: #168 - MoritzBrueckner added Fix particle positions.
Iron: #167 - QuantumCoderQC added Shape Keys per object basis.

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