[Release Notes] - 2022.10

2022.10 - October Release

October is here with 26 new pull requests from some very awesome contributors - great work!

On top of that, the website have gotten a refreshing new design thanks to RPaladin.


MoritzBrueckner added a new Set Canvas Color node.

RPaladin added tree variables to scene node.

QuantumCoderQC added draw to material image texture.

New developer bounties are now available! Earn rewards by developing new features:

List of current bounties:


#2608 - MoritzBrueckner added add new “Set Canvas Color” node

#2605 - Tong added custom play launch commands

#2603 - MoritzBrueckner added warn about precision issues for very large UV coordinates

#2602 - Tong added start browser using proc_play

#2601 - MoritzBrueckner added debug Console: show active camera in outliner and hide “Set Active Camera” button for active cameras

#2600 - RPaladin added add tree variables to scene node

#2599 - MoritzBrueckner added [windows-hl] Fix “After Publish” actions and add “Open in Visual Studio” operator

#2596 - MoritzBrueckner added add option to automatically decide amount of Khamake processes

#2594 - MoritzBrueckner added edit scripts button: use Haxe icon instead of Python icon

#2591 - RPaladin added upgrade for remove object node

#2589 - Onek8 added new node for setting canvas input text focus

#2587 - MoritzBrueckner added support multiple canvas onReady callbacks

#2585 - QuantumCoderQC added draw to material image texture


#2604 - Naxela added update the Lightmapper to support Blender 3.3

#2597 - MoritzBrueckner added fix editing values in debug console

#2593 - MoritzBrueckner added canvas: fix theme issues when Zui theme == canvas theme

#2592 - RPaladin added update outdated readme

#2590 - Notwarp added fix webassemblystudio link

#2588 - MoritzBrueckner added fix compilation of PhysicsBreak.hx

#2586 - MoritzBrueckner added fix exception when drawing the UI for bundled traits

#2584 - QuantumCoderQC added fix rigid body copy parameters

#2583 - MoritzBrueckner added fix support for Separate/Combine Color nodes

#2581 - QuantumCoderQC added fix set parent node

#2577 - QuantumCoderQC added fix arm material parameter export

Other changes

ArmSDK: #51 - MoritzBrueckner addded option to automatically decide amount of Khamake processes.

ArmSDK: #50 - RPaladin removed non-existent submodule reference.

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Thanks for making the release posts. Would it be possible to post them in the Releases category? Perhaps Lubos could give you permission to do so?

@Naxela is actually the one who makes them. I just retweet them here. They should get credit, if anyone deserves it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only admins (and maybe moderators) can create a thread in that category.

I’m not sure if Lubos has access to his account anymore, to be honest. Contact with the forum owner has been a priority. Thanks for suggesting.

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Thanks, @Naxela!

Oh, jeez. I hope progress can be made with that. I think this forum is a nice bridge between the formal reporting system of Github and the scrambled chatroom style of Discord for solving user issues and working on ideas. It would be nice to have it under proper management again.


Hi @OkyDooky, it appears that your prayers have been heard. Future release notes will now be released under #releases now thanks to some active people recently gaining access to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


sweet-napoleon (1)
And did the forum software get updated? Some of the buttons look arranged different, at least on mobile. Glad things are moving.

The forum is using one of the latest Discourse forum builds, so to answer your question: yes, I believe the forum was recently updated, either manually by an admin or automatically by a plugin.

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