[Release Notes] - 2022.12

2022.12 - December Release

December is here with 25 new pull requests and 1 additional new commit from some great contributors - great work!


Onek8 added networking integration (works on all platform targets except Krom)

Onek8 added a date and time node

These developer bounties are still available! Earn rewards by developing new features:

List of current bounties:

Exceptional3D added a bunch of nice new Armory3D tutorials this month:

Randomness explained in Armory 3D Screenshot

Post processing explained in Armory 3D Screenshot

Animated plants in Armory 3D tutorial Screenshot

Networking tutorial / multiplayer games in Armory 3D Screenshot

Get access to networking nodes in armory 3D Screenshot

How to create INTERACTIVE 3D text in Armory 3D Screenshot

Spawning any object in Armory 3D Screenshot


#2682 - QuantumCoderQC added PR that implements Physics Convex Casting
#2667 - MoritzBrueckner added event.get(): always return null if no listeners exist
#2658 - Onek8 added networking integration :slight_smile:
#2653 - LVutner added let’s make the BxDFs more consistent!
#2644 - Onek8 added get date time node


#2684 - QuantumCoderQC added fix uniforms manager
#2683 - tong added skip text editor write if area is not available
#2679 - tong added log no ansi in blender console
#2678 - tong added fix custom exporter khamake arguments
#2673 - Naxela added fix for Armory baker
#2672 - LVutner added * FIX: Temporary fix(es) for BRDF LUT issues
#2670 - QuantumCoderQC added fix map range node
#2666 - tong added fix unwanted string concatenation in list
#2665 - tong added fix background mode build
#2664 - rpaladin added fix missing input socket minimums
#2656 - MoritzBrueckner added fix .arm reading issue when world color exceeds [0, 1] range
#2648 - MoritzBrueckner added playSoundNode: set volume to 1 by default
#2647 - MoritzBrueckner added fix [Get/Set]DebugConsoleSettings nodes
#2646 - Onek8 added fixed GetDateTimeNode
#2643 - MoritzBrueckner added fix exception when marking object as asset


ArmSDK: #172 - tong added fix null error if no Pen device exists
ArmSDK: #57 - Onek8 added missing path / for mac
ArmSDK: #56 - MoritzBrueckner added utility to print detailed version information to the console
ArmSDK: #55 - tong added custom dox theme with custom favicon
Iron [commit]: #56cc632 - luboslenco added Improve pen input handling
Iron: #171 - e2002e added Iron code that goes with Voxel GI

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Hello, I would like you to see this link because I want to know if this effect can be done in this engine, like you are underwater

Hi. Can you please specify which effect you’re referring to?

EDIT: Never mind, you asked here already: Engine question