[Release Notes] - 2023.02

New Armory3D Release! (Version 2023.02)

View the full release notes here:


I really like the new Release Notes page! It feels closer to something professional than “indie.”

I do suggest maybe adding “spread the word” (or a variation) to the “Want to help?” list, since bringing more interest to the project is a great way to increase the odds/(potential) rate contributions in the other two forms. I’m not sure if it should be a “share” button that simply copies the link or just be some text under the existing buttons. But, if we can get other people to help bring in more numbers, then that will help the health of the project without (hopefully) putting more burden on the core people involved, right now.

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Hello. Thank you for the fine words! Appreciate them.

Regarding this:

I’m not entirely sure if that sentence would be appropriate, as the two links under them are for mostly developers and/or fans. Not exactly social media users.

However, I could add a new, third button, which links to the community page. “Spread the word,” is a bit long though, for a button. On the other hand, your “share” suggestion is a pretty good idea. What do you think?

I entirely agree.


To be honest I don’t think it is very important to have a share button. People who want to share this must be in the loop (Know about the engine and be interested by it) So in my opinion if any changes are to be made I would make the release notes page more visible. Currently it is hidden in a drop down and if you don’t know where it is then it is rather hidden. I would add a link (maybe a hyperlink) under the download button.

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The release notes link is also displayed at the download page, actually.

You and other veteran Armory users probably miss the link because you guys view the downloads from Itch directly and bypass the download page altogether.

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Oops. Yeah it didn’t see it.

Yeah. The wording can be improved, but I was thinking, if it was just text (or a button to copy the current URL to the clipboard), to have it be a suggestion under the existing buttons, like as an alternative to direct support.

On the one hand, primal psychology works, and giving as many “do this” signals as you can does have a measurable impact on statistical average human behavior. That’s why they have the animations, with sound, of clicking the Like, Subscribe, and Bell icons pop up directly in a YouTube video while people are watching, in addition to saying it out loud.
But, on the other hand, such things are scummy and annoying as all hell. So, it would be better, long term, to keep investing in examples and demos as the main incentive for people to get into and talk about Armory.

Either way, Armory’s biggest problem is that nobody knows about it, I think. If they did, we’d have more people using it. Like, Godot is a measurably inferior game engine in many ways, as far as I can tell, but it seems like 3/4 of the people who know about Unity have at least heard about it (which it seems to be a good open source alternative/equivalent to…I wonder what Armory would be equivalent to: CryEngine? Not Unreal, especially since 5/Nanite became a thing). So, you can disregard the suggestion if you feel it isn’t right or doesn’t fit, since I just want to make sure an idea to improve this aspect gets out there at all, rather than be a good one and not shared. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Armory_3D_Community, whoever you are behind the mask…lol. You’ve been doing a great job with the project and your quality of information has been improving in each video. I’ll leave a proper comment on the latest recap!

And thanks to you too, @rpaladin. You’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort in many different areas of this project (engine and community).


They’re @ Willbot_studio.

A shout out to the other developers @ timodriaan @ QuantumCoderQC @ Naxela @ tong @ knowledgenude and other contributors that I can’t remember or aren’t on the forum (Repe/t3du, 1k8/Onek8, etc.).