[Release Notes] - 2023.05

(New) Armory3D Release: v2023.05

View the full release notes here:


Hey there!
I want to compliment the outstanding work of everyone that is working on improving armory!
Must say the “new” features report page is so cool, clear, and easy to read, my compliments to the ones involved in the facelift!

Armory is now looking pristine and presented in a very appealing way! :slight_smile:
Great work everyone!


Thanks! I decided to add some new images to the features page last month’s release to better illustrate Armory’s capabilities. There’s a ton of newer content planned such as:

  1. Better and improved Armory documentation.
  2. Implementation of unlisted older release notes (from #releases).
  3. Better tutorials and resources page(s).

Basically everything mentioned here.

Feel free to share any ideas you might have for the website here, on the Armory Discord, or Armory GitHub (website repository). Would love to hear any suggestions you might have for the site.

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