Release notes for 0.6?

It’s been a couple of days since 0.6 has been released. I wonder when @lubos is going to post the release notes?

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The builds should be hopefully good to go now (ie. nothing critical exploding), working on examples and manual next to go with the 0.6. Will start drafting the release notes in coming days.

For 0.7 I want to start posting the change log as we go (updating weekly or something like that), making it easier to see what’s cooking… :blush:


I’m not sure if this would work but it would also be good if you can get in touch with gamefromscratch to make a video of the new stuff in 0.6.

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@lubos btw, is Armory 0.6 released officially? I just saw your two recent posts on Twitter which imply that Armory 0.6 is still a work in progress.

Which posts, @Warrior?

@Armored_Blob These two:

@Warrior those are posts about armorpaint, a painting tool created in armory engine.

Any updates on official release notes for 0.6?

@Warrior - There’s the unofficial (and likely very incomplete) community created release notes over at:

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