Removing Object causes game to freeze Only after exporting

I have a game where you can spawn and delete spawned cubes. It works perfectly when I play it through the blender app (both Krom and browser).

However, after exporting the game (both as a windows krom .exe and as an HTML5 web app), the game just freezes indefinitely as soon as a cube it attempted to be removed.

I’ve attached an image of the node network I used to delete cubes (cubes near a certain object is deleted on tapping c)

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, thanks…

Hi, it is pretty difficult to guess what goes wrong in this case, but there are ways for you to get more information:

  • in the browser, open the browser’s developer console to see the console output of the game
  • when targeting Krom there should be a stderr.txt somewhere along the generated Krom.exe which contains the error message (if there was one).

With that information you might be able to find the issue :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the response.

So I checked the console and see this error.

I am guessing that the “almost equal to” node does not work outside blender?
Hopefully changing that node should be able to fix it. I’ll try to find an alternative and see if that works.


Should be fixed with, thanks for the report :slight_smile:

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