Renaming layers?

Anybody know how to rename layers? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Any idea?..

I don’t think you can rename layers yet

Look at latest post. You can see a post back in May that layers has been renamed.

May 23
June 6
July 4

Hey! I figured out how to rename Layers, Materials, and even Brushes! Here’s what you do:

  • Select the Layer you wish to rename so that it’s highlighted.
  • Left-click the 2D View button. This will open the 2D View for the selected Layer.
  • In the bottom right corner of the 2D View, you’ll see the name for that selected Layer. By default, it will be “Layer #”.
  • Hover over the name of the Layer in the 2D View and left-click.
  • You can now rename the Layer to whatever you like.

It’s really fast and easy to do. The method for changing Layer names also works the same way for Materials and Brushes. For Materials, open the Nodes view and change it there. For Brushes, you can change their name in the Nodes view under the Brushes tab. Little tricks like renaming Layers are really only found by messing around with ArmoryPaint and seeing what different things do. I’m continually trying to break it to see how things work!


Pretty simple, LOL. I was trying to do it by double clicking name or opening the menu by right clicking. Kind of a weird place to put it though.

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I agree. Changing the name inside the Node view or 2D View is a little odd. I’d prefer to have it so that I could simply double-click on the Layer in the stack and change it’s name there. Or maybe have it be in the right-click menu for that Layer.