Render not support?

Hello, i’m new into armory, i created a plane with first person character and camera moving, it functions ok, but when i texture the plane and adding shader,normal map,roughness,HDRI to have a realistic texture and lighting,that not function…when i want to play, krom open the window and after stop working…and finally must to exit because doesn’t work.
The answer it’s…armory not support realistic textures?

Do you get any error messages in the console? - Armory should be perfectly able to support realistic textures, does it work if you use a different HDR for your environment light?

No, i disable the HDRI and the problem is same, i disable the normal map and roughness(i let only the color map) and it function.
I use the ultimate version of Armory.

That seems odd, which format do you use for your normal/roughness map? Just regular .jpg/.png or tga?

Would it be possible to post a copy of the .blend file?

I use jpeg, it is the problem because it is to large?(is 4k resolution)
Here is the project.
joculmeu.blend (758.7 KB)

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I have seen the size be an issue in the past. Drop it down to 2k and see what happens.

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This is model with all materials, and shadows.

First problem: textures from the second wall not appear, but have a same texture as the first wall,and both have the same resolution.
Second problem: on the wall of windows not appear texture, and it have small resolution…
Shadow of the light reflecting windows not appear in the game…
As you can see… the chair model have a problem with faces, not appear all the models, only last face.
And have a problem with interaction…it running so slow(in my case, it’s running with maybe 5-10 fps.)

Any solutions for my problem?.

First did you apply all the rotations and scales? Second are you using some procedural materials?

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First: yes
Second: no, i using only base map, and roughness.

Upload your scene with textures somewhere and create a bug issue in GitHub.