After installation, RenderDocs is always asking internet connection,
i had uncheked analytics and finally keep my firewall blocking.
Why it is asking internet connection continuously ?

I tried to run a Krome build with RenderDocs, when i click on Triangle - Open in RenderDocs,
i have an error "Configure RenderDcos in Armory-addon preferences.
Where are Armory-addon preferences ? The manual is not complete.

I tried launch the build from RenderDocs directly, but it stopped working.

I hope Armory will get it’s own profiler to quickly view frame rate without needing to build and without needing to install external application.

I don’t think it’s asking for internet connection, it’s your firewall detecting renderdoc trying to communicate over a local network. Probably because it receives data over a socket. And also probably because you can debug android devices and such.

You haven’t set the path to renderdoc in the preferences, which refers to Blender preferences > Addons > Armory3D.

Renderdoc is an excellent frame debugger. I don’t think we need anything else. It just needs a bit better integration on armorys part. Even Unreal and Unity have integrations to them.