Rendering bug

In game metalness and roughness textures have no effect on Armory pbr material.

Godot 3 render with same textures, render as expected.

Does someone want to try it ?

First change the roughness and metalness from color to non-color input. It’s the first option under the image reference itself. Actually the normal map should also be set that way.

It doesn’t change anything unfortunately.

Did you download and tried ?

I did not - it was the first thing on I saw on the pic you posted. Also, from experience tone down what ever you are using for global illumination (hdri or color). That make a big difference for some reason in Armory. Just not a a place I can download right now.

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This is not HDR issue, but metallic and roughness details does not appear , it’s like a color only.
The shader should work as expected and display details, it should also work with HDR on or off.

I created a github issue, i think Lubos i the right person to deal with the issue.